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Internet Culture » PPC » The Respectful Tale of Canon Correction
Author: Honest Critic
Fiction Rated: G - English - General - Reviews: 2 - Published: 10-07-09 - Updated: 10-07-09 - In Progress

Title: The Respectful Tale of Canon Correction
Rating: G (Because no story ever needs to include anything indecent.)
Genre: General (What is it with all this romance recently? Once upon a time, the PPC was about improving quality.
Summary: Two agents, Honesty Jones and Charity Whipple, discuss their recent experiences in the PPC Cafeteria, and launch a brilliant plan to restore the agency to its original, pure form.

Agent Honesty Jones, former Bad Slash agent, worked in the Department of Finance and was quite competant. Agent Charity Whipple was active, diligently working to ensure that only the best slash stories were presented to the world at large. The two were friends, and met regularly for tea and coffee in the Cafeteria.

One day, Honesty said, "My friend, I regret to say that I believe the PPC is taking a turn for the worse."

"I agree," replied Charity. "No one seems to care about purity anymore."

"Indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if we were the only two agents left in all the PPC who truly care about restoring goodness and truth to the Word Worlds."

"Honesty, my friend," said Charity, getting an idea; "I have an idea. We should do something about this terrible problem."

"My dear Charity, it is not our place. We should never question Upstairs, no matter how foolish their choices may be."

"My dear Honesty, that is precisely my point. They are making foolish choices, such as allowing agents with obvious mental issues to be partners. If they cannot see that, they do not deserve to BE 'Upstairs'. We should. We should take over management of the PPC."

Honesty considered this. Charity was right, but then, Charity had a tendency to be over-enthusiastic at times when she had consmued just a little more sugar than her diet allowed (Honesty would never say so, of course, for Charity was nervous about her weight, and once had even consumed a glass of alcohol in her worry over it). However, being enthusiastic - or "passionate", as was the more polite term - was not a bad thing, and Honesty decided that her dear friend was right.

"Charity, you are right. The PPC needs a firm hand to ensure its future. We must be that hand. Come; we shall talk to the Department Heads one by one until they conceed to our request."

"Thank you, my friend. However, I suggest we save the Bad Slash Department for last; it is a fine line we Slash agents walk with regards to characterisation. All too often I have found myself forced to destroy many promising relationships that could be legally labelled 'AU' and promoted more worldwide peace and harmony with regards to the issue of personal sexuality."

"You must always be careful, Charity, not to let your good and noble intentions blind you to the issues of characterisation. It is a true shame that so few original story writers are brave enough to face criticism for including bi- and homosexuality in their stories, but it is not our place to allow poorly characterised stories to continue to exist simply because they 'even out' the overall bias towards heterosexuality."

"Indeed, you are right Honesty; I simply grieve for those poor, unfortunate souls who will remain in True Angst forever. Perhaps we should also consult with the Department of Angst..."

"Charity," warned Honesty firmly, "not yet. First we must ensure that the PPC itself functions properly. Then we shall see about changing policies."

"You are right, of course," said Charity. "Let us begin our journey. I suggest we see the Sunflower Official first..."

~ End of Chapter One ~

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